Our Partners

We are members of Constructing Excellence in the North East who are the regional partner to Constructing Excellence, the single organisation charged with driving the change agenda in construction, housing and regeneration. Their mission is to deliver improved industry performance resulting in a demonstrably better built environment. Their vision is for the UK construction industry to realise maximum value to all clients, end users and stakeholders and exceed their expectations through the consistent delivery of world-class products and services. They work with the whole of the supply chain and their regional partners to adopt the ideas set out in the Latham and Egan reports and embrace collaborative working and innovation.

We are also members of Dynamo. Their objectives are to build the North East’s enterprise IT cluster to achieve national and international recognition for excellence in delivering IT software and services.

Dynamo is an industry-led initiative focusing on growing the tech sector in the North East. They have four streams of activity:

Be a focal point for regional IT growth
Promote our region externally
Develop skills and education
Support regional research and development
They believe the North East is a hotspot for tech firms in the UK. The region is home to several national and international players including Sage Software’s headquarters, as well as support offices for the UK Government’s DWP and HMRC and a range of local firms.

Dynamo is made up of IT organisations and employers, technology hubs, education, local government and employer support initiatives.

We are members of The North East Chamber of Commerce. The NECC are committed to democracy, diversity, participation and experience. They provide invaluable intelligence and a platform for meaningful interactions and promise to enable people to see more possibilities for their business and have the confidence and capability to realise them. "We want to create a world where businesses in North East England thrive as a collective force, because we believe that business is stronger together. This is why we exist to be a powerful influence that constantly enhances condition for growth."

IT Industry Partners

While we are proud to have developed an industry leading system internally, we are proud to have partnered with other market leaders to bring you an outstanding overall service. Some of our partnerships are built around supporting you further into the construction process - your design and build project can bring in our expertise in data networking through the relationship we have already built and established between us.

Cisco Registered Partner

Trench Networks are registered partners with industry leaders in networking, Cisco Systems. We are able to consult and supply switching and routing hardware by Cisco for your design and build project. We utilise Cisco hardware within our infrastructure systems and have certified staff holding design and support certifications.

Digium Registered Reseller

Outpost utilises an advanced VOIP system and complements this with handsets by Digium, the Asterisk People. We have dCAA certified staff and are proud to display our partnership status with one of the industry leaders in IP voice systems.

Fujitsu Select Expert

We are Fujitsu Select Experts in Mobility solutions.

Netgear PowerShift Partner

Our on-site deployments often utilise hardware by Netgear and Trench Networks Limited are registered partners through the Netgear PowerShift program.

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