What We Do

IT in construction is our expertise; we specialise in getting construction sites communications and site Wi-Fi up and running quickly, reliably and securely with a product that has been developed by ourselves specifically for the sector - we call it "Outpost".

We know one size does not fit all and have developed this solution ourselves so that we can accommodate whatever it is that you need - whether it be from a single cabin to a site with multiple cabins which frequently move. With 15 years of real, construction IT experience we really understand why construction is different and have been able to develop a solution specifically to meet with those needs. With it, we provide super-fast, incredibly reliable site Wi-Fi. It works using all the available cellular services at your site, working in harmony and connecting through our own private network. We can guarantee fast, reliable, secure internet connectivity without having to wait months for a fixed line.

Our clients often state that regular communications providers simply don't understand how a construction site works and that they have very different needs to a normal office environment. We've been in your shoes, we understand every aspect of life on site and we understand the specific needs and challenges that construction sites face. With us you can be assured that your site connectivity is in safe hands, wherever you may be. Simply give us a call and we can provide you with super-fast, secure and guaranteed connectivity for your site and project team. With a managed installation, support and 24 hour pro-active monitoring through our bespoke hardware and scalable, resilient technology we make sure you that are connected - always.

We take the hassle out of on-site connectivity so you get on with what matters most - construction.

No fixed-lines?

We don’t need them – we use 4G and 3G cellular so you can go live on day one.

No space for your site server?

We can host your systems onsite – virtually. Windows domain controllers or Linux appliances without the need for extra hardware.

Stretched IT department?

We take the load off – we manage the whole connection lifecycle and liaise with your IT department to make sure your site has access to what they need.

3rd parties on site?

You can let the client and your subbies use your connection with confidence. Secure login system and device isolation keeps everyone safe.

Cabins moving?

Outpost moves with you. With no wires to cut and re-run, the service is up and running as soon as you are.

Power failures?

We built-in a battery backup, so your service stays up even when the generator runs out of diesel!