“It’s as if you’re working in an office – but on site!”

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That’s what a site manager using our solution says about our kit. It really is as simple as that for the end user! They get something that works from day one and is super fast, secure and reliable and that is at the forefront of innovation.

Our founder, Kev Latimer, who spent 15 years working as an IT Manager for a construction company, came up against the headache every single day of trying to get his sites connected so that the site staff could work. Steel cabins are not the most friendly things for allowing any kind of signals in or out! A dongle simply does not cut it and reselling an off the shelf router just wasn’t good enough. It was then he decided to use these years of on-site experience, pulling together all of the problems he’d come across on site to design, build and develop our product as it stands today. We call it the Outpost. It has not been a simple process but by choosing to make a built not bought solution, built specifically for construction, we have a truly innovative, cutting edge product which really delivers and is unrivalled. The reviews from our clients speak for themselves!


“We simply could not have moved in to our new office building without this solution from Trench Networks. They have saved us months of throwing money down the drain paying for empty office space whilst we wait to get the leased line sorted. I cannot recommend them highly enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a temporary access solution. Their expertise and knowledge in Wi-Fi and the solution they have built is outstanding.”

Andrew Richardson – CEO, Troocost.com

“Trench Networks visited Ribby Hall Village to establish what we needed as a business and their technology is unobtrusive and has no negative impact on the infrastructure. It genuinely delivers and supports the demands of a 100 acre holiday village. We are confident that this latest investment will bring real benefit to the business”

Paul Harrison – Chief Executive, Ribby Hall Holiday Park

“Site communications are crucial but they are a hassle and you never quite get what you want. Trench Networks were able to know and deliver exactly what it was that we needed and the staff on our sites rave about it. I just give Trench Networks a call and they sort everything out quickly & seamlessly, they take all the stress out of getting our sites connected so it’s one less thing for me to worry about. I cannot recommend them highly enough”

Claire Scott – Head of Residential Sales & Marketing, Ascent Homes

“I can now just arrive at any of our sites and do my job straight away without the stress of trying to sort out some connectivity and as a result it has increased productivity across our sites. It’s            a game changer.”      Construction Director 

“We were just using dongles on site and they were no good. They would work one day and not the next. I need to be able to have instant contact with people and the dongle was useless for what we needed. Trench Networks came and put their Outpost in on our Site Office and within 10 minutes they had it up and running, my laptop and phone connected and we were all sorted. I can now just get on with no frustrating delays and do my job without the hassle of trying to sort out communications!”

George Millar – Site Manager, Ascent Homes


So what sets us apart? 

  • We come from construction and this product was developed specifically for the needs of site and has a proven track record of increasing productivity on sites.
  • We design, build and develop our solution from scratch at our offices in Blyth, Northumberland.
  • We know every single piece of our kit inside out, so can adapt it suit the needs of different sites. 
  • We’re not here to replace your IT department, but to compliment it. Because we’ve been there we can work side by with your IT team to integrate into your systems.
  • We pro-actively monitor our systems so often find out before you if your generator has ran out of fuel when the Outpost goes on to it’s battery backup! 
  • Secure by design. Our system has been designed with security at the forefront. 
  • You also won’t find any sales people in our team. Just a dedicated team of construction geeks prepped and primed to get you connected as soon as you need it for as long as you need it!

In an age where digital is absolutely essential, whatever industry you are in, it really is a must to be connected – where ever your site may be! Being on site shouldn’t have a negative impact on your work it should enhance it, our solution allows site staff to be able to do all of the things that you would normally associate with being in the office but in a cabin on site and means you can work effectively and efficiently. No delays in getting essential information, you can liaise with head office, architects, and sub contractors just as you would in an office! No fuss, just something that works! We can provide you with on- site Wi-Fi with as little as 48 hours notice so you can have fully managed, super fast, secure Wi-Fi from day one and then we come and take it out when you’re done!

At Trench Networks we like to keep things simple, personal and expert. So if super fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi sounds like something you would like to use on your site then drop us an email: info@trenchnet.co.uk