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Trench Networks was formed in 2015 in Blyth, Northumberland, sited next to the North East's thriving construction and technology industry. We have utilised 15 years of on the ground experience in the construction sector to address the very real need for reliable on-site communications. We are experienced in delivering connectivity to construction sites all across the UK and within the international rail industry and we have directly supported contractors, clients, project managers and consultants. This unique view point has meant we have been able to map the problems faced within the construction sector, from the point of view of the client by using our actual on site construction experience and then deliver a solution built and fully managed by industry experts.

Through nearly two years of painstaking research and development, we took each issue we'd seen on a site and created and built a best-of-breed system that ticked all the boxes: we call it "Outpost". With one point of contact and a fully managed system we take the hassle out of on-site connectivity. IT in construction is our expertise; we've been in your shoes, we understand every aspect of life on site and we understand the specific needs and challenges that construction sites face. Outpost provides super-fast, reliable and guaranteed site communications across the UK enabling construction to be a part of the Digital Revolution!

Claire Scott – Head of Residential Sales & Marketing, Ascent Homes said: “Site communications are crucial but they are a hassle and you never quite get what you want. Trench Networks were able to know and deliver exactly what it was that we needed and the staff on our sites rave about it. I just give Trench Networks a call and they sort everything out quickly & seamlessly, they take all the stress out of getting our sites connected so it’s one less thing for me to worry about. I cannot recommend them highly enough”.

 George Millar, Site Manager for 'The Maltings' said: "We were just using dongles on site and they were no good. They would work one day and not the next. I need to be able to have instant contact with people and the dongle was useless for what we needed. Trench Networks came and put their Outpost in on our Site Office and within 10 minutes they had it up and running, my laptop and phone connected and we were all sorted. I can now just get on with no frustrating delays and do my job without the hassle of trying to sort out communications!"

Our services

Designed and built by us

We’ve created Outpost to meet the needs of the UK construction industry – we don’t just resell off-the-shelf routers with a shiny cover!

Total Reliability

Our technology utilises multiple simultaneous connections to achieve unrivalled uptime and reliability, guaranteed.

Completely Managed

From installation to decommission and everything in between, we proactively monitor the entire service so you don’t have to.

Secure by Design

Robust access control and active network scanning keeps unauthorised users out and keeps your systems and staff safe.

24-Hour Installation

Our CSCS qualified engineers can be on site and bring your site online at the same time your power goes live.

Super-fast Site Internet

Utilising the combined power of multiple 4G and 3G networks, we can achieve speeds that regular 3G routers can only imagine.

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